Friday, August 26, 2011

Scavenger hunt

From the desk of
 Sean Rodman

Strategic Partnerships
at the
Royal BC Museum

School hasn't started yet and, as I am writing this, it's raining here in Victoria.  So, what to do with the kids?  Come down to the Royal BC Museum and go on a scavenger hunt! I've taken 5 mystery photos, and attached a few clues to help you out.

Can you figure out where I took these pictures in our galleries?


From his perch high up on the old stone wall,
This raven keeps guard,

Over those entering our hall.

Boots made to order, 
While you listen to the sounds,
All around you in Canada's oldest Chinatown.

Barrels by the shore, all ready to go.
Have a drink in the tavern,
While the sea breezes blow


His home is not in the sky, not on the land.
This whale flies through the air,
- so give him a hand!

It looks like a dino, but don't get it wrong.
This old horse ate grass,

All day long!


Last but not least - a present for you!
Bonus points if you can... 
Identify the poo!

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